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Clover Magic

No matter what cards you hold in your hand, you must never show your feelings.

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And I'll give this song to you...
27 March
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Heya! I'm just your standard fangirl. I try not to let it out so much, but there is definately a lot of squee-ing in this journal.

This is both my personal journal, and my fic journal. Works in progress and personal life rants that are rather nasty are behind friends-lock, sorry! If you want in on fics not ready for public release, just drop a line and I'll add you. Please be courteous and friend me back if you ask, however. I do sometimes rant about personal things, so I'd like the courtesy of you placing trust in me as well.

My main obsession right know is Meitantei/Detective Conan (Case Closed for you American fans). Most of my fic is for that series, and is yaoi of the Kid/Conan and Kaito/Shinichi variety. If that's not your cup of tea, I'm sorry. There's plenty of non-yaoi and other pairings elsewhere, I'm definately a fandom minority.

My icons are free for taking, unless they're credited to someone else, then you have to ask. Some are free icons from icon journals, but others were made personally for me, and those will not be availible for circulation. If they're made by me, however, I don't mind.

My fics are organized by memories, so you can surf those to see what I have.

Detective Conan Mood Theme credited to ensuing.
Watanuki Mood Theme credited to misao_.
Great Mouse Detective Mood Theme credited to cybra2003.


Credit to alice_rm at this post.

Credit to suikka at hare.

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