And I'll give this song to you... (clover_magic) wrote,
And I'll give this song to you...

Commas. Really?

I just got the longest review on Loop bitching about the proper use of commas and periods within quotation marks. (The second half of the review was complaining about pacing, but whatever, I can accept that because at least it's logical and an attempt at constructive criticism. It's not going to change anything because that would accept that I, you know, have something of a plan or outline for Loop instead of writing out of my ass whenever the mood strikes, but hey.)

But seriously. So I'm ending my dialogue sentences with periods instead of commas. And that's the first and longest thing you decide to rant about!? Jesus. NOBODY CARES. THIS IS NOT WRITER'S WORKSHOP. I SHOULD KNOW BECAUSE MY MAJOR IS SOMETHING CALLED CREATIVE WRITING.

And they were a guest so I can't send a response that is entirely sarcastic bitching covered with passive-aggressive nicety.

I wouldn't be so mad if the entire tone of the review was like some middle schooler who just finished grammar class and KNOWS EVERYTHING ABOUT GRAMMAR NOW OMG.

It's a fanfic. Nobody cares.

/entitled whining because I'm allowed to do that on my lj

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