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New manga stuff


Thoughts on shit I've read in the past week:

Rosario + Vampire: Yeah, I read it. Surprisingly liked it, since the manga has, you know, a story and isn't a fanservice moe suckfest like the anime. Well no okay most of the generic stuff is fanservice moe suckfest but the story is coool. ("Dancing in the Velvet Moon" is one of my all-time favorite Nana Mizuki songs also~) It also helps that the art style has become really refined and Tsukune has become really purdy. Black-haired bishounen protagonists are my fatality. Also the one gag manga with the Conan parody at the end made me laugh so hard guys. Hopefully will not end as disappointingly as Tsukihime did (rage forever).

Breakers: It was a Korean manhua....manwha? That I read. Pretty good. It also suffered from weak early art syndrome like Rosario, but the main character has now become gorgeous. Yum yum. Fun martial arts battle stuff.

Shinigami-sama ni saigo no onegai wo...: Really interesting premise with this one, I adore psychological manga, I really do. Good read, need moooooaaaar.

Zetsuen no Tempest: This, like Shinigami-sama above, hits my sweet spot of psychological manga even more, since it's main premise is basically "psychological battle manga" and it is awesome. I'm also really loving the protagonist Yoshino and aaaahhhhh need to read more to find out about what's gonna happen and if he's really the spoileeer and eeeeks.

Karneval: I actually, along with the Shinigami-sama one, started reading it at least a year ago, but never kept up with it. It's fun but I have no idea what is happening in this manga, really. But goddamn I love me some Gareki and Nai, especially cool tsuntsun Gareki. ALWAYS THE BLACK-HAIRED ONES. ALWAYS. WHY DO YOU TEMPT ME SO.

And there were sompe other ones in there, like another manwha that involved a kid being turned into a zombie by a demon girl and taken to a world named Choas, which I didn't like as much because it pretty much broke down near the end and ended way to abruptly, only to segue into a sequel where that zombie kid is now apparently the evil undead king of the Chaos realm and shit was happening and it made no goddamn sense. I liked the main character, so I didn't like that conclusion lol.

But yes. I can't stop reading supernatural-style shounen battle manga. I can't. Oh god.
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