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So I said that gender-switching would be coming faster than Loop, but there's a new chapter of Loop out and I ran into a roadblock with OMF. This roadblock is the same as the last one - there I was, merrily typing away, when I realized, as I was literally typing out the dialogue for it, that I have no fucking clue what male!Haibara is going to name himself. Holy shit guys. I'm going to be reading through my kanji books for a bit, since I need something profound because it's Haibara.

In related news, I did decide on fem!Shin's name finally. It will be... -drumroll- Sakinai Shinri! Sakinai was the last name with the most votes and I liked the way it sounded, and Shinri was a suggestion that I ended up really liking. It's also close to Shinko, the most popular name in the votes, and the meanings are similar - "Shinri" is truth, "Shinko" is true child. Also it sounds more like a name to me than Shinko, lol. "shinjitsu" and "Shinri" are both words for "truth", by the way, just with slightly different connotations.

Fun fact - I came up with "Sakinai" as a different meaning. "Saki ga nai" or "先が無い" would mean something like "no past" and is how I conceived the name as fem!Shin would have no past or no "before", but the Sakinai of fem!Shin's new name is written 先内, with the "nai" changed to the kanji for "inside". (This reading came from one of the Japanese words for "secret, which is "naisho" 内緒)

So, Sakinai Shinri is written as 先内真理. The more you know! I have to decide male!Haibara's name holy shitballs. Gonna be working on that right now.
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