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[Fics] Prompts/Ideas (because I can)

Okay, so, to prevent me haring off on a ton of new fics, I'm just going to write whatever ideas for Roy/Edfic here and then go back to working on DC fic like I'm supposed to be doing. Also I'll put all my ideas here for all fandoms, why not. Feel free to vote/comment on any ideas you particularly would like to see written.

You are welcome to adopt any of these ideas for your own fics, as long as there's a mention somewhere of where you got it. Also even if a prompt is adopted, I may still write it in the future, because hey, more fic is always good.

Now, onto the ideas!

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Not dead, for the record. But tumblr did eat me because it's the hub of Free! and SnK fandom and that's basically where my life is now.

If you do the tumblr thing, you can find me at clover-magic, but be warned it's mainly spazzing about Free! and SnK and very rarely Detective Conan may be in there too. Also writing Free! fanfic on Archive Of Our Own, under Shimegami. Infinite Loop is also being posted there, but I've only uploaded 4 chapters because I'm a lazy bum. Detective Conan fic is on hiatus until I stop obsessing over dumb swimming boys, but when I continue Loop it'll be updated there too.

So yeah. That's where I am. If you want to get a hold of me, it's much easier to justs end me a message on tumblr. I'm actually alive on there. I'll keep this journal up, of course, but I don't know if LJ will ever be a main point of fandom for me again. So if you still feel a burning need to see what I'm up to and read my writings, you can follow me over there.

Until next time, guys. Have a pic of cute DC shimeji.
"I can't draw the K straight!"

Doujinshi will ruin your life kids

You know, there's a yaoi artist named CJ Michalski. There's stuff of theirs on Mangafox or whatever if you want to look them up - it's not the greatest stuff, but it's not bad either. They'd otherwise be just another manga artist I've trolled through, nothing more than a blip. Except for one thing.

They've done Detective Conan yaoi doujinshi.

And they are the entire reason I have a slight trauma about taking Heiji seriously in any sort of romance situation.

You see, in my Conan yaoi anthologies, they've popped up once or twice. And one of the ones they've done was where Conan spent the entirely as a naked apron housewife with Heiji. Which would be silly, but cliche and acceptable yaoi randomness. No, where it goes weird is where Heiji slicks up his hairspike into a more vertical angle and....uh...uses it in ways hair was never intended to be used. As in, he sits Conan on top of his head and fucks him with his hair spike. And spins him around too for good measure. (And with the cheesiest grin imaginable, too, while Conan was all typical uke "Ahn ahn iyaaan~ <3")

I skimmed over this once. And from now until the end of time, whenever I start reading/watching/whatever Heiji in any sort of romantic situation, a tiny voice screams in the back of my head "WATCH OUT KAZUHA HIS HAIR SPIKE IS OUT FOR YOUR VIRGINITY" or other things along those lines, and then all seriousness is lost as I have mild hysterics.

So, this is how one single gag doujinshi forever ruined me for shipping a single character. Be careful out there kids.

And now all of you can enjoy the mental image of Heiji fucking people with his hair. You're welcome.
&quot;I can&#39;t draw the K straight!&quot;

Babbling about shit I've read AKA Yaoi Manga Rec Post

I pretty much always have a manga reader site open in a tab and so I'm always looking for new shit to read. So I've decided to write down a little rec list of shounen ai/yaoi manga in my bookmarks that I actually wanted to read more than once. Yay!

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Amayadori wa Basu-tei de
This was super-cute. Yay for tsundere black-haired lead!

Ameiro Paradox
Are you seeing a pattern with my preferences yet? XD Black-haired tsundere, again. This, however, I really like for the characterization and plot. Also Onoe makes the most hilarious faces. I really like the other stuff this mangaka writes too. She's good. ♥

Boku no Ano Ko
The art, so beautiful. I also like the contrast of roles here. But the art is the main reason, yes. Mmmn, Aki.

Bokura no Negai
It's still ongoing so I have no idea where this is going, but I like it so far. I always like the plots of this mangaka's work. ♥

Bokutachi wa Asu ni Mukatte Ikiru no da
Aahhh, Zaou Tenshi. I first came across them for their doujins - I actually have Gundam Seed and Detective Conan ones by them. They honestly have some of the best humor of any mangaka I've ever read, it fits my style perfectly. This is my favorite original work of theirs. ♥ (Probably because of the tsundere black-haire duke again. Always, always that.)

Cello Mellow
So many feels. That's all I can really say. A cute collection of one-shots.

Perhaps my favorite uke lead ever. Oh man. Kashiwaya is so cute and spacey and his thought processes have me in hysterics. (The giant rubber earthworm and the immune system captain bit made me laugh for about an hour.)

Junketsu Drop
Hilarious and cute. ♥ Kasukabe's thought processes and expressions are a real treat.

Kamisama ga Yadoru Kotoba
I love this artist beyond reason. Her art is basically perfect to my tastes. Perfect. And this was so sweet. ♥

Ahhh, Junko. She never fails to please with how cute, sweet, and heart-warming her stuff tends to be. This, especially, just makes me smile all through it. It's so sweet.

Kuchizuke wa Niji no Ue de
This was cute. ♥ (Black-haired protagonist count #9084373049587)

Recipe no Oujisama
A newer one of Junko's that I'm reading as it comes out. So cute, need moooooreeeee! Come out faster!

Rutta to Kodama
Arrrrgh. Normally the black-haire done is my fvaorite, but. Rutta. Ohemgee. Rutta has got to be the cutest delinquent ever. Never before have I squeed so much reading a manga, this was so cute and refreshingly free of melodrama. It belongs with Konbini-kun in "Stuff You Read To Make You Smile".

Sorenari ni Shinken Nandesu
I like most of the stuff by this mangaka, but this is my indisputed favorite. It's refreshingly sweet and slow, and the focus more on the family and how slow Oosawa is actually falling is quite good. So many feels for this one. ♥

Warui Koto Shitai
Ahhh, the beginning of the Warui series. I remember beginning to read this once and giving up, and that's sad because now that I've read most of it it's quite good. Towa is such a cute idiot.

Will probably make another rec post later with non-yaoi stuff.

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Of one of the fandoms that I'm following currently, I like Sword Art Online. I really do. Even the anime, abrupt as it is - but the manga is even more abrupt, so there's that. I even like Kirito and Asuna. I really do.

I just don't like them together.

It's the same trap as Conan, where I genuinely like both leads, but them as a couple makes me want to strangle something. And Conan at least is not as bad as SAO. Kirito/Asuna is like genuinely the worst official romance I have had the displeasure of watching. It's just abrupt, out of nowhere, and genuinely bad and screams of wish-fulfillment. They play as slightly-friendly acquaintances for a while...and then suddenly BAM WE LOVE EACH OTHER FOREVER AND EVER AND NOW WE'RE MARRIED AND FUCKING AND HAVE A KID. It's handled horribly and rushed and there's no real evidence of it actually building outside of cliched moments and thus has no real substance, it just comes out of fucking nowhere.

This was all summed up in my Sims game where I originally created Kirito and Asuna as a couple for lack of anything else to do with them...and then gave up and murdered Asuna and decided to just see who Kirito would hook up with instead. Find your own way, boy, Naru from Ghost Hunt is still open I think. As well as Yakumo, although he has a kid from a one-night stand. And maybe Oreki from Hyouka...or wait, wasn't he flirting with Xelloss? Multi-fandom neighborhoods are full of lulz.

But seriously, poor Kirito. I like him, but I can't ship him with anyone because I don't have anyone I like him with ohohoho.

Other things I have watched lately:

Hell Girl: Ichimokuren is the hottest katana ever. Literally I kept watching the third season just for Ren. (Then gave up on it around episode 20, because wow does Hell Girl not work with a steady plot. Season two is best season.)

Another: Yay more horror! Although it is hard to genuinely frighten me with anything other than live-action or jump scares. Another was hella good at making me cringe, though - I literally could not watch some of the deaths because oh my god. Umbrella through the neck stands out in that regard, definitely. But nothing scary, just nauseating. I think the only times I've truly been scared from anime/manga were from...the first manga arc of Higurashi, and episode 4 of Shiki. Because a.) oh god Keiichi don't do that with your throat, and b.) holy shit Megumi from underneath the bed took years off my life. But anyways, yes, it's hard for me to be scared, but that didn't stop me from enjoying Another. Quite good pacing and storytelling, I fully recommend it. Also Ali Project opening always wins.

Betrayal Knows My Name: I'm pretty sure that the only thing stopping this from being labelled shounen ai is the lack of any actual kissing. Otherwise everyone is so gay for each other it's Just wow. Yuki and Luka not eventually jumping each other is impossible. Impossible. Even if Yuki is the reincarnation of Luka's female lover, obviously Luka doesn't care and Yuki isn't letting that gender barrier get in his way either. EVERYONE IS SO GAY FOR EACH OTHER.

Maoyu: I like the premise, and I actually enjoy Hero and Demon Queen together as a couple which is a pleasant surprise with my usual dislike of official couples, but honestly I got super-bored and stopped watching lolololol. The characterization is quite nicely handled, though, so I actually enjoyed the main pair being cute together.

Hyouka: I marathoned the whole thing over a single setting, lol. No, I don't like Oreki Houtarou and Chitanda Eru together, but thankfully it was light enough on actual romance for me to ignore it most of the time. Which means the last few episodes were supremely disappointing for me since they were far more focused on strongly showing Houtarou's developing feelings for her, but oh well. I can just imagine that they do not get together in my mind. Otherwise I liked it! Nice little slice-of-life/light mystery about a boy coming out of his shell. Houtarou is so adorbs, I love him. And hahahaha Satoshi. GALAXYYYYYY.

Persona 4: One of my FB friends complained about it being different from the game, or something, but since I have not played 4 I enjoyed it thoroughly as an anime. Also one of the few anime where multiple scenes had me rewinding to watch again in hysterics. Best sense of humor for an anime in a long time. II KANJI bwahahahaha. (I might also have watched Kanji's Shadow episode several times because holy shit hysterics.)

Infinite Stratos: Mecha-powered-armor harem action, why not. But I do love the main character, and the IS battles are badass, so there's that.

And that is what I have been doing with my time lately.

Commas. Really?

I just got the longest review on Loop bitching about the proper use of commas and periods within quotation marks. (The second half of the review was complaining about pacing, but whatever, I can accept that because at least it's logical and an attempt at constructive criticism. It's not going to change anything because that would accept that I, you know, have something of a plan or outline for Loop instead of writing out of my ass whenever the mood strikes, but hey.)

But seriously. So I'm ending my dialogue sentences with periods instead of commas. And that's the first and longest thing you decide to rant about!? Jesus. NOBODY CARES. THIS IS NOT WRITER'S WORKSHOP. I SHOULD KNOW BECAUSE MY MAJOR IS SOMETHING CALLED CREATIVE WRITING.

And they were a guest so I can't send a response that is entirely sarcastic bitching covered with passive-aggressive nicety.

I wouldn't be so mad if the entire tone of the review was like some middle schooler who just finished grammar class and KNOWS EVERYTHING ABOUT GRAMMAR NOW OMG.

It's a fanfic. Nobody cares.

/entitled whining because I'm allowed to do that on my lj

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You know you've been reading Detective Conan too long when people say that Ran and Aoko look alike or that Heiji shares the same face with Kaito and Shinichi and you wonder what sort of drugs they're on.

Really, I've never seen the supposed "omg twinz" thing for Ran and Aoko, like, ever. I just don't get it.

New manga stuff


Thoughts on shit I've read in the past week:

Rosario + Vampire: Yeah, I read it. Surprisingly liked it, since the manga has, you know, a story and isn't a fanservice moe suckfest like the anime. Well no okay most of the generic stuff is fanservice moe suckfest but the story is coool. ("Dancing in the Velvet Moon" is one of my all-time favorite Nana Mizuki songs also~) It also helps that the art style has become really refined and Tsukune has become really purdy. Black-haired bishounen protagonists are my fatality. Also the one gag manga with the Conan parody at the end made me laugh so hard guys. Hopefully will not end as disappointingly as Tsukihime did (rage forever).

Breakers: It was a Korean manhua....manwha? That I read. Pretty good. It also suffered from weak early art syndrome like Rosario, but the main character has now become gorgeous. Yum yum. Fun martial arts battle stuff.

Shinigami-sama ni saigo no onegai wo...: Really interesting premise with this one, I adore psychological manga, I really do. Good read, need moooooaaaar.

Zetsuen no Tempest: This, like Shinigami-sama above, hits my sweet spot of psychological manga even more, since it's main premise is basically "psychological battle manga" and it is awesome. I'm also really loving the protagonist Yoshino and aaaahhhhh need to read more to find out about what's gonna happen and if he's really the spoileeer and eeeeks.

Karneval: I actually, along with the Shinigami-sama one, started reading it at least a year ago, but never kept up with it. It's fun but I have no idea what is happening in this manga, really. But goddamn I love me some Gareki and Nai, especially cool tsuntsun Gareki. ALWAYS THE BLACK-HAIRED ONES. ALWAYS. WHY DO YOU TEMPT ME SO.

And there were sompe other ones in there, like another manwha that involved a kid being turned into a zombie by a demon girl and taken to a world named Choas, which I didn't like as much because it pretty much broke down near the end and ended way to abruptly, only to segue into a sequel where that zombie kid is now apparently the evil undead king of the Chaos realm and shit was happening and it made no goddamn sense. I liked the main character, so I didn't like that conclusion lol.

But yes. I can't stop reading supernatural-style shounen battle manga. I can't. Oh god.
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