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APH Fic Timeline

Ugaaaah, random!!!

I'm writing a hetalia fic, which can be found at hetalia. Sooo...random timeline and plot crap ahead. Ignore if you want.


2009: The Strategic Arms Treaty between Russia and America is reworked and finalized, leading to better relations between the two countries.

2013: Signs of severe environmental decay are beginning to show, space projects get full priority. France opposes and works with Germany on trying to find other means to restore Earth.

2020: England begins practicing a period of "splendid isolation" again, refusing to get involved with world affairs.

2024: Small war between the Middle East and Russia. America supports Russia.

2031: Australia begins gaining more strength, China watches warily.

2037: Japan, showing signs of weakening due to over-population and other issues, is finally allowed to re-militarize itself for protection from an increasingly nervous China.

2041: Germany and Italy form an alliance that essentially marks their two countries as one.

2053: Russia and America form an alliance themselves, promising to support each other from now on. Imperialism begins to mount again in some countries.

2056: Japan, suffering from a severe population collapse and extremely nervous over being caught in the Pacific between the Allied Russia and America, decides to take the tactical route out and asks to join the Alliance between the two countries. America and Russia accept.

2058: China closes itself off from the outside world again, causing world-wide commotion.

2063: Lithuania is suddenly conquered and re-absorbed back into the Polish-Liet Commonwealth. Without the stronger Lithuania, Estonia is taken by Russia and Latvia is occupied by Russia but maintains a sketchy sense of country.

2064: War erupts in South America, the other continents are unsure what to do about it, with the general opinion of "let them fight it out". America disallows immigration from his southern border.

2070: The war in South America ends, with new countries and some old ones absorbed by others.

2072: North and South Korea, after over a century of hostility, finally reunite into one country.

2079: Earth is starting to become unlivable in some places. Space study and exploration with probes slowly climbs, and tensions between the "spacists" and the "naturalists" mount.

2081: England defends the Indonesia area with China backing from Australia when the country attacks, showing a shocked world that England and China had been sharing talks and treaties while they were "isolated".

2095: A brief war erupts between America and England due to a misunderstanding in the Atlantic. It ends with America and England agreeing to leave each other and their allies alone.

2099: The construction of the first space colonization ships begins in secret between Russia, America, and Japan, the leaders of advocating space colonization.

2103: The first three colony ships are finished and launched, much to Naturalist frustration, and colonize three planets.

2104: England launches its own colonization ship with plans stolen by British intelligence, surprising the world. England seems to disappear into space.

2106: China follows into space, also disappearing in the general direction England did.

2107: Despite France's protests, Germany-Italy launch their own ships, heading in the opposite direction of Russia, America, and Japan. Prussia is reborn as a planet, Austria and Hungary share a planet.

2112: As colonies spread throughout the stars, pirating begins, and England is shown to have become a pirate nation protecting China's system of planets.

2117: Australia and Korea launch their own ships. France begins to launch attacks against the rest of the land-bound countries, trying to unite the world against space.

2118: Finland, Sweden, and Norway stubbornly remain neutral, forming a small spot of well-protected neutral territory thanks to a displaced Switzerland.

2119: Poland-Liet Commonwealth rises against France, allying with Spain and splitting the Earth into two factions, with the Nordic Alliance remaining neutral.

2121: Greece is rescued from French invasion by Japanese ships, and is given their own planet to colonize with Japan, America, and Russia.

2135: The world has been engulfed in the war between France/Canada and Polish-Liet/Spain. The rest of the solar system starts becoming terraformed as the two factions spread away from Earth. Nordic Alliance sends a colony ship, but keep their territory on Earth neutral.

2141: Due to increasing Australian imperialism in space, Germany-Italy and the Russia-America-Japan alliances sign the first intergalatic treaty between each other, becoming allies. Everyone colonized in space tries desperately to ignore the Polish-French War escalating in the solar system.

2147: Due to Lithuania's politics, Russia begrudgingly backs the Polish-Liet side of the war, bringing Japan and America with him. Australia quickly retaliates by aligning with France. Germany-Italy and England-China remain neutral.

2151: Called out on a century-old treaty, England grudgingly leaves the America-Russia-Japan alliance alone from his pirating. Begins raiding Australia instead.

2155: Enraged at England's antics, the France-Australia alliance declares World War III against everyone else.

2157: Current time in fic, war is raging between the planets with no end in sight...

HOKAY YEAH SO. This timeline shows my shipping biases so hard. I'm sorry, I had to have Japan come save Greece, because you know everyone would be fighting and France would be like "Haha, you're mine >:D" and Greece would be ":/" and Japan would show up going "Come with me, I'll give you a planet. And cats." and Greece would be all ":DDDD".

Sorry if France and Australia seems kind of bastards by the timeline - god it pains me to demonize those two - but they have their reasons, which are perfectly innocent. They just can't seem to convey them without fighting.

And writing this, I ALMOST TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT FINLAND AND SU-SAN AND SWITZERLAND. I wanted to shoot myself. HOW CAN I FORGET YOU, SU-SAAAAAN!?!?! Hence the Nordic Alliance + Switzerland, lol. France would never get Switzerland, he'd get a lot of bullet holes for his troubles. Also, they're neutral since Switzerland pointed a gun and said "Stay neutral or I'll kill you myself" and Su-san went "...:/" but agreed.

Also? Totally had to ressurect Prussia and give him a planet of his own. SHOW US YOUR FIVE METERS OF AWESOME, GILBO.


Pairings in this fic:
Germany/(N.) Italy
Austria/Prussia/Hungary OT3 lol

Thaaaaat's....all I know of right now lol.



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Mar. 12th, 2009 07:54 am (UTC)
2041: Germany and Italy form an alliance that essentially marks their two countries as one.

Haha they got married

2107: Prussia is reborn as a planet

Hooray! \o/
Mar. 12th, 2009 07:59 am (UTC)
2041: Germany and Italy form an alliance that essentially marks their two countries as one.

Haha they got married

Essentially, yes. :B "Germany! Germany! Let's be together forever, Germany! Eh? Why did you fall down like that, Germany? Germanyyyy!?"

2107: Prussia is reborn as a planet

Hooray! \o/

Prussia has to make an awesome comeback. It just wouldn't be Hetalia without AWESOME PRUSSIA. :D
Mar. 14th, 2009 01:22 am (UTC)

I know that you have no idea who I am, but...
I totally wanna see more of this. D:

I think a lot of this totally fits with the characters' personalities, and especially with their personality potentials. It's hard to make such a complex plot with some of the limits given by the original series, but I think this is definitely an amazing idea that I haven't seen before. If you continue this series, I will definitely read it, because I am srsly interested. D8

Seriously, something like this must take some serious thought. I give you kudos and await more with anticipation. :3
Mar. 14th, 2009 09:14 pm (UTC)
Hehehn, well, that's my goal! To have people wanna read this!

I'm glad you think so. x_x;; This was seriously sprung from the single thought of wanting England be a space!pirate, and it...mutated. Some things aren't completely planned yet - I still have no idea how China and England get together, but I imagine it involves something along the lines of England going "I'll protect you if you give me tea" - but things are moving nicely. The first chapter is underway! :D

I'll try to get it out with more timeliness than my other multi-chapter fics, so thank you for your support!
Aug. 9th, 2009 02:23 am (UTC)
Hello, I was just wondering where I could read this (when it's out) because I can't find it on the Hetalia community.
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